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Divine Order battlecruisers by nicedino
Divine Order battlecruisers
Divine Order battlecruisers patroling deep space with engines on full.

Just in case you guys want to know what the Divine Order is, it is what I call my own personal faction of the Dindrenzi Federation. Details below.

The Divine Order

(Motto: Divine Order – Divine Truth)

The Divine Order is a military organization dedicated to the protection of the Federation. However, it has a spiritual component as well. The Order traces it's origins back to the knights orders of ancient earth, being related to either the Knights Templar or the Teutonic Knights. Despite the fact, that the true historical background is only known to the inner circle itself, there are several other things that are common knowledge within the Dindrenzi Federation.

Historical background

For one all of it´s members have sworn an oath of poverty, dedicating all their resources towards the achievement of the overall goal of the order. This resulted in viewing all earthly things as sinful and tainted. Therefore members of the order were among the first settlers to immigrate towards the stars, taking this dogma, which was meant solely figuratively at first, more and more literal as time progressed.

This lead the Order to abandon Terra completely and putting all their efforts into the colonization of space. Among the settlers members of the Order formed a secret society, working towards achieving independence from Terra even before the First War of Liberation. This actions included the support of government officials who sided with this cause as well as acts of violence against Terran magistrates and elements loyal to the Charter. Terra soon became aware of the Order but was unable to deal with it and it's members accordingly, due to their secretive and elusive nature. Officially marked as a terrorist group, many colonists shared that idea, especially in the earlier days of the Reach. It was the First War of Liberation who changed all that.

The Divine Order openly sided with the colonists and joined the armed conflict. Although the full involvement remains unclear to this very day, there are rumors who connect the Order to the Rense Clan, influencing their decision to declare independence to begin with. It is said that at least one person among the clan was a member of the Order. Even though this seems highly unlikely. Be that as it may, the fact remains, that when Ignatius Rense rebelled against Terra, the Order was right there to support him in any possible way.

It was at this time when it became common knowledge that the governor of the Malbork system, Cornelius Eisenstahl, was not only a member of the Orders inner circle, but also it's Grandmaster. Believing the time to fight had come, Eisenstahl revealed his true allegiance and tried his very best to convince other Reach politicians to follow his example. Unfortunately Eisenstahl was ultimately wrong. The improvised fighting forces of the Reach were no match for the disciplined and well organized Terran Armadas. The rebels were defeated and Eisenstahl captured. He was accused of terrorism and crimes against the state and treated accordingly. His last act of defiance was his confession to all he had done and the statement that he did not have any regrets about it. He was sentenced to death and executed in public.

This turned Eisenstahl into a martyr. It was by his sacrifice that the colonists came to see the members of the Divine Order no longer as terrorists, but as patriots and freedom fighters instead. With his inner circle mostly untouched the Order found it easier than ever before to recruit new members to replenish it's ranks. When the Second Liberation War finally came, the Order was more than ready. The puppet government which had been installed by the victorious Terrans was overcome in a single night of slaughter. This “Night of the Knifes”, as it was later called, marked the takeover of the Malbork system which was now completely under the Orders control.

The current Grandmaster, Siegfried Krieg, became new head of state and he was not any less determined than Eisenstahl had been. While the Directorate and it's associates supplied the Reach with ships and weapons, the Divine Order contributed something equally important. Well trained and motivated Captains and Officers to man those ships. While bidding it's time the Oder had secretly trained thousands of colonists in the art of war. However, this enormous expansion of their ranks had forced the order to neglect the spiritual education, which made the Order more military in nature. Conformity with the Orders religious views was not longer mandatory to join it's armed forces. Even if it remained strongly recommended.

During the Second Liberation War those Knights of the Divine Order, as they were called, served on ships throughout the Reach. Even though the bulk of them was stationed on board of the ships of the newly formed navy of the Malbork system.

Due to their convictions and beliefs the fighting spirit of those men and women was extraordinary high. Among their ranks were famous captains like Isabella de la Constancia, later nicknamed “Faithless” for her refusal to embrace the Order's religion. Captain Gottfried von Niederlothringen, later nicknamed “Fearless” for his courage. And Captain Zacharias Tannhaeuser, later nicknamed “Dreamless”, because it was said that he had never left his post for the entire duration of the conflict, basically living in his command chair.

After the war was won the Divine Order split into two organizations. The Church of the Divine Order, which was tasked with addressing and converting the public and the Fleet of the Divine Order, basically the entire military of the Malbork system. However, the Grandmaster of the Order remained in charge of both branches ensuring overall unity and cooperation. The Knights who had served within foreign armed forces were recalled and rejoined the home fleet, bringing valuable experience with them.

The Church of the Divine Order

(Motto: We are the word)

Being part of an organizations that is much older than the newly formed Church of the Dramos Angels, the Church of the Divine Order sees itself as the superior one. Relations between both religions are usually icy at best, even though their basic premises remain similar. Both consider the war against the Terrans and their allies to be a holy one. Both want the war to be taken all the way to Terra itself. Both consider the Dindrenzi as morally superior people. Both condemn the use of nuclear weapons.

Unfortunately this is where the similarities end. Both organizations are highly suspicious of each other and determined to prove their counterpart wrong. Despite this there was never any kind of open conflict between them, since their territories do not overlap. The Church of the Divine Order is almost solely active throughout the Malbork system and some of the smaller allied systems close by. Effectively keeping the Church of the Dramos Angels out, leaving it to them to attend to all the rest of the Dindrenzi Federation.

Since the Divine Order existed before any contact with alien species was established, it's religious system does not contain any kind of prejudices or laws against them. Quite the opposite, in fact. Because aliens are by default of non terrestrial origin, they are considered pure. At least as long as they do not ally themselves with the despised Terrans. As a matter of fact, the Church of the Divine Order even has members of alien species among it's ranks, although their numbers remain small to date. Those aliens usually join, in order to increase their chances, to get accepted at one of the Order's famous military academies.

The Fleet of the Divine Order

(Motto: We are the sword)

The military component of the Divine Order, usually referred to as the Fleet of the Divine Order, utilizes the same standard military gear and equipment as the rest of the Dindrenzi Federation. However, there are some minor differences. Order engineers frequently modify gear and equipment to increase it's performance or to adapt it to special requirements. Most notably this modifications can be seen on the Order's Secutor and Murmillio Class cruisers. Both cruiser variants have been equipped with an unusual engine configuration, the Order deems to be more efficient, giving their cruisers a slight increase in maneuverability.

Aside from that ships of the Divine Order are heavily ornamented, visibly differentiating them from all other Dindrenzi vessels. Those ornaments are usually golden and painted on the naked hull of the ships, giving them a distinct gray-golden appearance. A nod towards the religious undertone, which still lives forth within the Order's military to this very day. Despite the official separation of Military and Church Divine Order priests remain a common sight on board the Order's vessels, usually boosting crew morale and emphasizing the righteousness of the Dindrenzi Cause.

Ever since it has become the official fighting force of the Malbork system, the Fleet of the Divine Order has been hard at work to establish good relations with the Rense System Navy, being highly interested in it's excellent methods of education. As a result Divine Order military academies are very similar to those of the Rense System Navy, despite the fact that they are not quite as efficient. They are however, greater in number and thus able to train larger amounts of men. Divine Order ships and squadrons of the Rense System Navy often partake in combined exercises, sometimes even fighting side by side in actual conflicts.

Aside from ships of the Rense System Navy Kedorian City-Ships are a common sight within Divine Order battle groups. Due to the urgent need for ships with broadside firepower during the Second War of Liberation, the Order established an alliance with the Kedorian Confederation, even before the Zenian League was formed. Several Kedorian Captains were awarded high military honors by the Order, some even knighted and given trading rights and possessions within the Orders sphere of influence. As a matter of fact the bulk of the Church of the Divine Order's alien members are Kedorians, who value the access to the Order's military academies and the excellent education provided by them.

Dindrenzi Federation Fleet of the Divine Order by nicedino
Dindrenzi Federation Fleet of the Divine Order
I wanted to play another fleet game ever since the day GW decided to scrap Battlefleet Gothic.
So, Firestorm Armada 2.0 seemed like the perfect choice. I decided to go with the Dindrenzi Federation.

I only had 2 games by now but the system seems pretty solid and very well balanced in general.
Unlike a certain other gaming company we know, Spartan Games does a lot of playtesting and the system clearly benefits from this a great deal.

As a former player and fan of Battlefleet Gothic I can tell you that Firestorm Armada 2.0 is the superior system by far.
If you like spaceships as much as I do it's definitely worth checking out.


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